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Zora Launches on Layer3

Crypto Adventures for Zora Creators

The Zora Network is a fast, cost-efficient, and scalable Layer 2 for bringing media onchain. We recently added support for Zora to expand our multichain gateway.

Celebrate by collecting: Layer3 on Zora.

Create, share, and collect decentralized media on Zora — all while seamlessly interoperating with Ethereum mainnet. In October 2023, Bankless reported:

"All in all, Zora Network offers a gas-friendly L2 integrated with Zora's creator tools and has the potential to become a dominant scaling solution for NFTs in the years ahead."

Introduction to Zora

Bridge to Zora's leading L2 for creators, discover trending projects, and earn referral rewards by creating your own mint. Over 400,000 unique addresses have crossed its native bridge since the network launched in July.

From images to GIFs, PDFs to videos — Zora is a hub for artists, explorers, and crypto-innovators. Check out Gitcoin's 2023 Impact Report about critical Web3 initiatives supported by $50 million in public goods fundraising.

Create on Zora

Zora is built on OP Stack — making it seamlessly interoperable with Ethereum and OP chains like Optimism, Base, and others. Layer3 Quests span and interconnect the OP Superchain, driving:

  • 6.5M+ Optimism transactions

  • 300K+ Active Optimism wallets

  • 200K+ Active Base & Zora wallets

Layer3 is an interactive gateway to OP Stack chains with a seamless and native Bridge. Connect with us to unlock your protocol for the world.