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Onchain Alpha: Solana vs. Ethereum

Crypto's been electrified by Solana’s resurgence

Recently, the crypto community has been electrified by Solana’s resurgence. With lightning-fast, nearly-free transactions powered by an innovative developer community — the future of finance is finally here on Solana.

SOL surpasses ETH by active users

Both Solana and Ethereum unlock vibrant ecosystems for DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more. However, Solana enables faster and cheaper transactions at scale. As a result, active users on Solana have recently surpassed Ethereum.

Source: Artemis.xyz

Onchain transactions at scale

Solana processes onchain activity at a great magnitude. While Ethereum processes around one million transactions per day, Solana reaches up to twenty million.

Source: Artemis.xyz

Last week, users spent nearly $9.00 per average Ethereum transaction – compared to less than $0.01 on Solana. For crypto’s value prop to be fully unlocked, there should be minimal friction for global users. Enter Solana.

Decentralized exchange volume on Solana hit all-time highs of nearly $500 million per day. The growth is primarily driven by Raydium and Orca as leading Solana DEXes.

Source: Artemis.xyz

In addition, Jupiter Exchange presents an innovative solution for optimally trading across multiple DEXes at once. It enables token swaps with minimal fees and slippage by drawing liquidity from the broader exchange ecosystem.

Decentralized money markets have also been experiencing significant growth. MarginFi has emerged to be a leading Solana app by total value locked, enabling users to lend and borrow tokens at optimal rates with minimal fees.

Source: DefiLlama

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