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Onchain Alpha: Arbitrum

Explore Ethereum’s leading L2 in our Arbitrum Adventure

Arbitrum recently hit all-time highs in total value locked on its Layer 2 network. Join our Arbitrum Adventure and explore its market-leading ecosystem.

Arbitrum Leads by TVL

Scaling solutions such as Arbitrum make it cheaper and faster to go onchain. By offloading Ethereum traffic with easy compatibility, L2s have gained significant value.

Recently, Arbitrum hit all-time highs for a total value of $10.2B bridged to its network. OP Mainnet and Base use a similar technical approach for nearly $7B TVL combined — while zkSync notches $565M. Learn about zero knowledge vs. optimistic rollups here.

Arbitrum Leads by Decentralization

Arbitrum is leading another key evolution. According to L2Beat, Arbitrum has reached Stage 1 decentralization. L2s should pass three stages for scalability with security:

  • Stage 0: Operator control of open-source smart contracts for state verification.

  • Stage 1: Smart contract governance with a Security Council for bug fixes.

  • Stage 2: Autonomous smart contracts and permissionless, fraud-proof systems.

Arbitrum DAO + Layer3

We’re building a multichain gateway while supporting decentralized leaders. Layer3 recently received funding from the Arbitrum DAO via Plurality Labs and Questbook. On Arbitrum, our immersive Quests have driven:

  • 10M+ transactions

  • 360K+ active wallets

  • $1.2M+ transaction fees

Arbitrum DAO has been fast-evolving with programs like the Short Term Incentive Program and live vote testing for a delegate incentive system. We’re excited for a faster, cheaper, and more decentralized future — supported by Arbitrum and Layer3.