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Layer3 key platform updates ✨

We’ve been shipping exciting new features for you to reach, acquire, and retain crypto users. Level up your audience by connecting with us.

We're expanding beyond the Layer3.xyz domain. Leading crypto platforms can now integrate interactive Quests with two simple lines of code. In addition, anyone can paste a link to embed Quests on blogs, technical guides, or internal docs (i.e. Notion) with no code required.

We’ve now built a key portal for discovering decentralized protocols. Showcase your crypto protocol, elevate your brand, and engage both newcomers & veterans alike with Community Pages.

Unlocking crypto for the world requires unparalleled engagement — and retention. Cultivate and reward on-chain habits with Journeys on Layer3.

Case Study: Base Onchain Summer

Layer3 was a key platform in Coinbase’s historic Base marketing campaign. Nearly a quarter of all Onchain Summer NFT minters were Layer3 users.

Onchain Summer x Layer3 shows what we can achieve together — fusing culture and immersive learning across crypto-communities.

Case Study: Axelar

Year-to-date, Layer3 has facilitated 117,000+ transactions on Axelar. Our impact especially dominated the spring months, where in May and June, Layer3 drove more transactions on Axelar than all other organic sources - a testament to the vibrancy and engagement of our community.

Layer3 transactors (Orange) vs. All other sources (Blue)

📈 L3 impact by the numbers

Connect with ushttps://layer3.xyz/business

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