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  • Double XP Halloween on Layer3 🎃

Double XP Halloween on Layer3 🎃

Explore frightful crypto protocols, stack double XP, and unlock legendary chests

Explore frightful crypto protocols, stack double XP, and unlock legendary chests with our exclusive Halloween Collection.

Explore Aave’s leading decentralized money market. Lend or borrow a broad array of tokens across multiple chains. (Borrower beware, however).

Scan Aave's frightful dashboard to track borrowing or lending rates for an array of tokens across many different networks. On the Optimism Market, for example, you can supply USDC for an expected 3.94% APY as of Oct. 25.

Does it haunt you when your assets sit idly in your crypto wallet? As a spectral display of decentralized finance, use Phantom Wallet to acquire and stake MATIC via Stader Labs on Polygon.

You can liquid-stake MATIC for an estimated 4.6% annual yield while receiving freely tradeable tokens in return.

In 2020, a “vampire” attacked Uniswap in order to challenge crypto's dominant decentralized exchange. At first, Sushiswap was nearly identical to Uniswap, but with one key difference: users who migrated were awarded SUSHI tokens.

Years later, Uniswap still remains king but Sushiswap still consistently ranks among the top DEXes by volume. Across the crypto ecosystem in the future, however, the vampire strategy will likely rise from the dead once again.

Aavegotchi is an open-source NFT gaming protocol for onchain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens.

GHST is the primary token for the Aavegotchi ecosystem and is used to trade its NFTs and associated items.

Diva is a new liquid staking protocol designed to vampire attack Lido, which has raised alarms for its dominance. Lido has recently approached a terrifying 33% of all staked ETH, potentially posing a centralization risk to Ethereum.

Diva presents an alternative and more highly distributed liquid staking system. By switching from Lido, stakers can be rewarded with DIVA tokens while potentially earning greater yields on their ETH.