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Building the Multichain Gateway

Evolving New Ecosystems with Onchain Adventures

2023 was a big year for new blockchains. With the launch of zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, Celestia, Zora, Starknet, Linea, Scroll, Base’s Onchain Summer, and Solana’s resurgence — users and builders alike have been overwhelmed with more ways to transact and build.

For new Layer 1s and Layer 2s, there is increasing competition to acquire users. This means teams need to evolve their strategies for reaching (and retaining) new audiences. At the same time, users are increasingly paying to use an array of different chains.

Unlocking New Chains with Layer3

We believe in a multichain future and are making interoperability a key priority. Over the past two years, we’ve worked with leading ecosystem teams to help reach the users that matter to them.

“Onchain Summer wasn't the only big source of Base users. Layer3 quests drove about as many new Base users, all over the dApp ecosystem, as the Onchain Summer launch site.”

We act as an extension of each platform’s growth and marketing teams. Our onchain adventures guide users through leading dapps with in-depth education. We design and deliver campaigns from end to end — making it seamless for partners.

Unparalleled Engagement and Attribution

Sounds interesting, right? Equally important is how we measure success. Our platform is integrated with a leading analytics and audience attribution provider, Spindl.

  • Spindl combines off & onchain user journeys for a comprehensive view of where users come from and how well they monetized onchain.

  • Our audience intuition extends beyond mobile, desktop, fiat and crypto - building a vital bridge across Web2 and Web3.

Our goal is to connect the highest quality users with emerging ecosystems while Spindl keeps us precise and targeted in our approach.

Our Impact on Leading Layer 2s

We’ve had a significant impact on leading Layer 2s. Our Quests have engaged over 354,000 users on Arbitrum and 294,000 users on Optimism.

The notion of “build it and users will come” will not work alone. To keep users engaged, platforms need to improve their go-to-market strategies. Our proven track record has taken many users from zero to hero across leading ecosystems. And we hope to continue doing so for your favorite projects.

On Layer3 — crypto is interactive, rewarding, and seamless for explorers, veterans, and builders alike.